A Novel Based on True Events

 By Daniel V. Meier, Jr.

(Release date: September 1, 2019)

Published by BQB Publishing



Ken Verrier is not happy; nor is he at peace. He is experiencing the turbulence of Ishmael and the guilt of his brother’s death. His sudden decision to drop out of college and deal with his demons shocks his family, his friends and especially his girlfriend, soon to have been his fiancée. His destination: Liberia; the richest country in Africa both in monetary wealth and in natural resources. 


 Nothing could have prepared him for the experiences he was about to live through.  He quickly realizes that he has arrived in a place where he understands very little of what is considered normal, where the dignity of life has little meaning and where he can trust no one. Even his clean-cut appearance sets him apart from the ex-pat community; a motley group of ex-Nazis, Israeli spies and British adventure seekers. 


Flying into the interior bush as a transport pilot,Ken witnesses first-hand the disparate lives of the Liberian "Country People" and the "Congo People" also known as Americo-Liberians. These descendants of the freed slaves that President Monroe's American Colonization Policy sent back to Africa in the 1800's have setup a strict hierarchical society not unlike the antebellum South.

Ken's story is a fast-paced adventure based on the true account of a young American who landed in Liberia in 1961. His many escapades span from horrifying to whimsical and his story exposes a sordid society upon which the wealthy are feeding and in which the poor are being buried. Set against a background akin to the wild west, Ken's search for adventure leads him to his own self-awareness; making this action novel into a true coming of age story.